Has this ever happened to you that you are driving home in a happy mood and suddenly you become sad for no reason? Or you are enjoying in a gathering of friends and suddenly you became irritable for no obvious reason and left? Well! if yes than you are not alone in this matter. It happens to most of us. These sudden mood changes are called mood swings. Mood swings make us feel irritated, uncomfortable and down for no obvious trigger. You will hate socializing and everything seems dark. If this happens to you frequently then its time for you to take action.


There are plenty of reasons for mood swings and its very important to identify yours. Mostly hormonal changes are blamed for such depressed mood but there are other reasons as well:

  1. Stress
  2. Anxiety
  3. Lack of sleep
  4. Depression
  5. Bipolar disorder
  6. Drug abuse
  7. PMS
  8. Hormonal changes
  9. Thyroid disorders
  10. Brain disorders


After identifying the cause, learn how to control your sudden mood changes. If you practice more and more, gradually you will become able to overcome this problem. There are following tips that will help you to keep mood swings under control:

Optimistic Attitude

The main reason behind mood swings is that we have become addicted to think negatively in every situation. We always assume that only bad things will happen to us prior to the results. So drop this habit and try to cultivate a positive attitude. Think positively about the outcome of any situation. So if you think that you are about to indulge in negative thoughts, just sit back and relax. Think about all the positive results that could happen.


When we do exercise, endorphins are released . These are hormones that are expert in controlling stress and improving mood. Even moderate work out can improve abrupt mood changes.So try to develop the habit of doing exercise 2-3 times a week. It will melt away your anxiety and your mind will be free of tensions.

Adequate Sleep

Sound sleep has a great role in improving the mood.Sleep deprivation lowers down our energy level and decreases our appetite. So lack of sleep leads to irritability, sadness and low mood. Try to develop a habit of having sound sleep for 6-8 hours. It will definitely help you out in controlling mood swings.

Good Nutrition

Nutrition is a very vital component in the mood management.Try to avoid the consumption of alcohol, sugar and caffeine. Avoidance of such foods helps in reducing the frequency of mood swings. So include healthy and nutritious diet in your routine.

Talk to a Friend

If you are feeling realy sad or angry all of a sudden and you cant get out of it. Then try sharing your problem with a friend. But first you must know that its suitable option for you or not? Friends are a great support in the time of crisis and you will know that you are not alone in this problem.

Try to Know the Trigger

Although its very difficult to search the real problem behind your mood swings. But it becomes easy if you know your trigger for mood swings. Ideal triggers are those which you can avoid like stop seeing a friend, Visit some particular place or some particular food etc. So if you know the triggers it will be easy for you to cope with mood issues.

Learn to walk away

If you are about to have a mood swing, immediately leave the situation. Dont react at the moment instead take sometime to think about it.Walking away from the problem will give you some time to cool down and you will become normal.

Develop a Routine

Making a schedule for everyday life and sticking to it will be very helpful. Try to do the same things at the same time wach day. It will regulate the highs and lows of your emotions. Take a journel and write the schedule or to do things for each day.

Treatment of Physiological Conditions

There are many physiological conditions that can lead to mood alterations. If you doubt that you are having such problem then seek a medical doctor for help.It could be due to any reason like hormonal changes, diet issues, life style changes, side effect of medication etc.

Get professional help

If you suspect that you are having mood swings on chronic basis then you should consult a professional. Talk to your doctor or mental health specialist according to your suspected reason.So if you feel like its getting out of control than seeking professional help will definitely help you out.

Dont ignore your mood swings. Dont let them take the control over you and make you do the things that you regret later. Learn to tackle your mood fluctuations by some simple changes in your lifestyle. Mostly the reason is too much stress over minor issues. You can easily control your mood swings by being passionate to resolve it.