Resigning professionally from current job is also an important part of your duties as an employee. Quitting your job can either be relieving or emotional. Whatever the reason is, you should resign in style. Although it sounds tempting to call names of your boss in the resignation letter if you are frustrated of your job but don’t do it. As a worker myself, I can understand how difficult it is to finally take the decision of quitting. So under all circumstances, resign with class and show professional attitude.

Are you Ready to Resign from Job?

Before you give your resignation letter , first make sure that are you really ready to quit your job. Self check the following points:
o Are you financially strong enough to survive without having a job for sometime?
o Are you confident enough to find a better job than this one?
o Have you started sending your resumes to companies beforehand?
o If reason is your rude boss then cant you make it work at all?
o Are you sure that your life will be better than before after quitting your job from all angles?

Perfect Ways to Resign from Job

Now after checking all the above points if you are still confident about losing your job then just stick to your decision. Here are some tips that will help you out to resign with professional attitude.

Notify your Boss

If you have decided to leave your job then talk to your boss first. Talk to him politely and notify him about the difficulties you are facing at work. Most probably he will try to resolve your issues and then it will be up to you. If you still don’t want it then negotiate with him professionally and ask him about any necessary pending work.

Write a Professional Resignation Letter

Never resign by mere a letter but you should give your resignation letter after talking to your boss. Keep your letter short and sweet and don’t write too much details. Just show your gratitude for letting you work at their company. Explain the reason behind quitting briefly and what are your future plans. Remain precise.

Give Notice Beforehand

Mostly time for notice is mentioned in the job contract. So give your notice to your boss almost 2 weeks before leaving. Never leave suddenly because it will make the situation complicated for your boss. You might need him in your future s never quit on bad terms.

Inform your Coworkers Later

Your company might want to keep your resigning secret until they find your replacement. So if they request you to hide your decision till then , don’t share it with your fellows. If you are not asked, its upto you then.

Finish all Pending Tasks

If some projects are pending then finish them before leaving. Don’t leave your boss in a lurch. Bind up your work and ask them about any further help. You can also guide the newly appointed employee about your work.

Ask for a Recommendation Letter

Before leaving, ask for a recommendation letter to your boss. It will be very helpful to you in getting a new job. Also it will be counted as an experience. So demand for a reference and you can also consult your boss about your future plans.

Return the Allocated Stuff

If you have any stuff of company like keys, phone,documents etc then return them before quitting. It will look very unreasonable if they have to call you again and again to give the things back. You will also be disturbed by visiting the office again and again.


At the time of leaving the office, greet your seniors and junior employees. Thank them well of their help and contribution to your service. Also make sure that you have the contact numbers and addresses of all the office members.

5 Don’ts of Job Resignation

i. Don’t make any such statement that you will regret later etc.
ii. Don’t leave on bad terms with your boss.
iii. Don’t avoid work on last days instead be an active member of team.
iv. Don’t feel guilty about leaving once you have taken the decision.
v. Don’t misguide or say anything wrong about the company to fellow employees.

So before resigning keep the above mentioned points in mind. It’s a reality that if you want something better you have to left from your current position. Be confident about your decision and resign professionally.