Office politics have become an essential part of any organization. There is not a single company that is safe from this evil. It doesn’t matter if you hate it, admire it, practice or avoid it, office politics will remain a fact and no one can deny that. These are the strategies that people play to gain advantage. You can notice them going on everywhere like near the water cooler, at the boss’s office, rest room etc. Every workplace is blessed with a shroud of office politics.

There are definitely some people who love to spread rumors, play evil for position and want to reach higher by spreading their version of truth.Office politics is very destructive for any organization. You must take some measures to prevent yourself from being damaged by these evil gossips.


  1. Gaining promotion is very important for some people so they become impulsive and play evil.
  2. Some people like to have their influence of power on others.
  3. Most of the people go for office politics because they want to take the desicions for the company themselves.
  4. Some gossips can be related to personal factors as well.
  5. Often the competition for limited resources leads to office gossips.

Tips for Avoiding Office Politics

There are two ways to cope with this problem: either be perfect at it or stay away from it completely. But its better to avoid it as it mostly results in damage to your career. Here are some tips that will help you to tackle this situation:

How to deal with Office Politics at Work?

Avoid Those Who Like to Create Drama

There are always certain people who like to act dramatic more than others.Try to avoid them as much as you can. Think twice before emailing them. Also make sure that it is suitable to talk to them in person or just a text is enough.

How to deal with Office Politics at Work?

Avoid the Water Cooler

One of the main site for communicating office gossips is water cooler. Mostly at the break time, employees gather there and spread rumours. So try to avoid hanging there or use it when its empty of workers. Try to limit your contact at the water cooler with the trusted friends only.

How to deal with Office Politics at Work?

Use ‘Reply All’ Button

Try to provide the common information to everyone. If you want to send an email with a common mitive or some idea then hit the ‘reply all’ button and share it with everyone. But if something is related to one of the coworkers then share it with him only and don’t be a freak.

How to deal with Office Politics at Work?

Do not Worry About What Others Think

Mostly office politics are used as tactics to be cool and to be everyone’s favorite. So avoid the effort of pleasing everybody. You must remember that its not high school anymore and you are not kids. If you just keep on defending yourself, you will just add fuel to the gossip fire. Remember to always mind your own business and don’t care about what others think of you.

How to deal with Office Politics at Work?

Focus on Working Hard

Instead of using evil tactics to get promotion or a project, focus on making yourself better. Try to improve your performance and work hard. A diligent worker doesnt need to degrade others to gain something because his abilities will be enough. So stay out of the office politics and build your reputation as a hard worker.

How to deal with Office Politics at Work?

Keep Yourself Informed

Although its better to avoid office politics but you shouldnt become completely deaf. Keep yourself informed but do not indulge in the business of others. Do not seek out in the gossips but its very important to keep yourself upto date. Its important because may be you have been framed of something or being accused of the issue you even don’t know a thing about.

How to deal with Office Politics at Work?

Choose Office Friends Wisely

I know its not easy to stay completely out of picture.You cant work at a place and stay neutral. You can make friends but choose them wisely. Try to communicate with trustful people in the office and those who have positive reputation. Observe and find those workers who do not take part in office politics and build your relation with them.

How to deal with Office Politics at Work?

Walk Away

If someone tries to gossip about other people with you, change the subject and walk away. Do not indulge in the conversation and do not answer his insecurities. Instead notice his behaviour and avoid him in future. Take every opportunity to stay away from negativity.

How to deal with Office Politics at Work?

Listen More, Speak Less

Listen to others as much as possible. They will reveal everything and you will come to know about whats going on. So try to respond less and listen more. Mostly the people who listen keenly are liked more specially by people who love office politics. Also if you speak less, you will be free from the fear that your words will come back to bite you.

How to deal with Office Politics at Work?

Avoid the Trigger Words

Every office has some words that can trigger a fuss. Try to know the trigger words and avoid them at all cost.You should avoid using those words that can offend coworkers and bosses. Such avoidance will save you from the gossip that you are taking sides.

Office politics is such a matter that you cant escape easily. You either have to become a part of it or stay completely out of it. Well! according to my opinion its better to avoid the fuss and dont try to become a part of those drama queens. Be straight and just focus on your improvement.