Last summer, i rented a new luxurious apartment that later turned into a nightmare for me. It was 5 a.m and i was sleeping peacefully when suddenly my bed started vibrating and the walls were shaking badly. I got scared and jumped out of the bed. It took me 20 minutes to understand that it was not a hurricane instead it was the irritating extremely loud sound of my neighbour’s loudspeekers.
The vibration almost tore down the walls. I was extremely annoyed by this situation and spent the whole night in this anxiety. As i was new there so i decided to avoid this incidence by reminding myself that maybe some party was going on. But it keep on happening each night and i literally became an insomniac. Then i decided to do something. I knocked the door of my neighbour and requested him to keep the volume low. He assured me that there will be no disturbance from now on but two days later same nightmare started. After many tries, i finally have to give up and i changed my apartment. Yes! it was that annoying and frustrating.
Noisy neighbours can irritate you more than you think. Your sleep and other activities will be disturbed.Soon your house will become uninhabitable.Although you will be very angry but trust me only politeness can solve your issue. Here are some methods that will deinitely help you out if you are having noisy neighbours problem:

Talk Politely to Your Neighbors

Approach your noisy neighbor in a peaceful way and discuss your issue with him politely. Firstly, greet him well with a smile and introduce yourself. Then explain your problem to him that the walls in the building are very thin. I don’t know that you are aware or not but your volume is very loud and that’s why i am facing difficulty in sleeping.Your tone should be polite and your words should not be annoying. Sometimes mere talking solves your problem because mostly people are unaware of their loud noises.

Make Them Realize

Instead of becoming angry, talk to your neighbour and make him realize his mistake. Explain to him that although i love rock music but i am helpless as i have a big test coming and your loud music has made it impossible to study. So i will be very grateful if you just keep the volume down.

Avoid Confrontation

Do not blame or accuse your neighbor and never approach him in a confronting manner. Do not make them feel that you are angry towards him. Avoid coming to your neighbor disgruntled attitude. If you are having a rogh day then save the big conversation for some other time.

Leave a Note

If you are having trouble in talking to them face to face, just leave a note on their door. You must write down your situation how their loud noises are disturbing you. Also make a copy of the note in case the issue becomes bigger later.

Give a Warning

If there is no improvement after your polite talk and all the efforts to stay calm then you have to take a stand. Give your neighbor a fair warning that if the same problem persists, then you will complain about them. After their same attitude you can actually send them a legal notice of their misbehavior. You can also contact other neighbors having the same issue.

Talk to the Landlord

If you and your neighbor is living in a tenant situation, talk to the landlord. Explain him that this new neighbor has made your life hell. Ask him to solve the problem otherwise you have to leave the apartment. The landlord may be able to present a compromising solution to the tenant like putting rugs or lessen the volume at night etc.


If you want to have a good relation with your neighbor then you can try this method before going to cops. A mediator will invite the both parties and try to seek out the solution of this noise problem. These mediation services mostly solve the issues very easily. Their services are very effective and very reasonable.

Contact the Local Authorities

Local authorities are in charge of investigating antisocial behavior, excessive noise, rubbish disposal etc. If your problem is getting severe, you should contact them. They will come and firstly note the volume of the music, your neighbor is playing at night. They have very dedicated teams that will definitely help you out.

Call the Cops

If your noisy neighbor starts harassing you, you should call the police. Dial 911 when the party is still going on and making your life miserable. But you can also contact the non- emergency helplines to register your noise problem. Remember that calling the cops should be your last option in case of severe trouble.

Legal Action

If you find absolutely no solution of your problem,you can take legal action and take the help of court. Also bring the notes you have been taking or other evidence you have alongwith you.Show to court that your neighbour is being noisy after all the requests and warnings. Also inform about the involvement of police to court.

Noisy neighbors are very difficult to handle and tolerate. You have two options in such case, either stand up and deal with the situation in every possible way or move to some other place. No one wants to leave their comfortable home so i suggest that you should give above methods a shot.