Being judged by someone is quite irritating. It aggressively drains your confidence & self-belief.

I’m sure you have seen pretty successful celebrities being judged by ordinary people in their social media’s comments section. It’s quite common now a days, because social media has handed over a platform to everyone for criticism. And now this attitude has been adapted by people in their routine life as well. A number of people get affected by this constant negativity.

Want to know what judgement feels like?

Just imagine that you are in a great mood and there is something you are really happy about. You go straight to your friends and crack the news. While everyone is appreciating your success, one of them pass a nasty comment on it, criticize it to an extent where you yourself start doubting it.

You will encounter judgemental people everywhere, whether its your office, college or even family. They are like sponges which soak the positive energy out of you.”

But one thing we all must understand is how a person behaves with you has nothing to do with you. A person’s behavior always depicts his inner state. So don’t let these judgmental people drain your confidence.

So what to do about it? Well ! you can easily cope with this problem and stay true to your vision. I’m going to help you out in understanding what makes a person so judgemental? and how do you deal with a judgemental person?

Why are some people Judgemental?

Being judgemental is not an inborn trait. We are all loving and kind human beings underneath. Its the continuous struggle and hardships that suck the love out of us. We become bitter and resentful. And when problems pile up we start projecting our pain in the form of judgement and criticism. That’s what makes us blame and dislike others.

9 Tips to handle Judgmental People

Being criticized is a reality of life you can’t run away from. Judgemental people will be everywhere in the form of your friends, coworkers, parents, relatives or even a stranger. But how to deal with them is the main issue. You can work on following tips to save yourself from being affected by those happiness suckers:

How to deal with Judgemental People?

1. Don’t take it Personally

How others behave has nothing to do with you. What others do is a projection of their own reality. So don’t take the criticism of someone personally because they must be blaming themselves more harshly. Don’t let the toxic words of judgemental people destroy your happiness. Avoid their negativity as much as possible. If you learn to become immune to the negative behavior of others you will be safe from being the victim of unnecessary criticism.

How to deal with Judgemental People?

2. Don’t Stoop to their Level

When someone judges us, normally our first reaction is to be defensive and fire back. But its a very bad attitude and it makes you no better than them. Don’t let those judgy people make you the same cranky person as they are. So instead of lowering down to their level, choose to be classy and walk away with your head high.

How to deal with Judgemental People?

3. Look for the Lesson

In your lifetime, you learn something from every person you meet. It can be good or bad but all of it gathers and make you who you are. So look for a lesson from everybody. Focus on every experience life wants you to have either in the form of a good person or a judgy freak. Try to learn from judgemental people as well because they keep on making you better unknowingly by pointing out your mistakes.

How to deal with Judgemental People?

4. Ignore Judgemental People

Firstly try to avoid the criticizing people around you. But if you cant avoid them then start ignoring them. Don’t pay attention to their nasty comments. I know its easier said than done but you have to do it to restore your sanity. Don’t talk to them about any controversial issue as they will always oppose you. So keep remembering that you deserve better and walk away.

How to deal with Judgemental People?

5. Don’t Ask for Permission

Mostly we express our opinions or ideas in the form of question mark to others. In this way it becomes an open opportunity for them to comment on our ideas and judge us. So Never make your views sound like you need a feedback. Just be confident about your decision and state it as a fact not a stage for commentary.

How to deal with Judgemental People?

6. Focus on those who Like you

No matter how much you try, you can never be in the good books of everyone. So stop draining your energy in trying to impress negative and judgemental people. Instead focus your attention and energy to the people who love and support you. Don’t waste your time in hating the people who criticize you instead spend your time in loving the people who love you.

How to deal with Judgemental People?

7. Treat them with Compassion

Judgemental people are not born that way. There is always some reason behind their behavior, like maybe they have criticizing parents etc. So treat them with love and compassion. Try to have empathy for them and practice compassion. Only respect and care can correct their behavior. Also remember that you are not doing this for them, you are adopting this behavior for your own peace.

How to deal with Judgemental People?

8. Don’t start Believing them

Never ever let the judgemental people drag you down with them in their negative world. Remember that there is a huge difference between fact and opinion. Don’t let the opinion of others affect your reality. Just because someone calls you stupid or fat doesn’t mean that others think the same way or its a reality. So don’t believe what judgemental people say about you and don’t take their comments personally.

How to deal with Judgemental People?

9. Try to Adopt Gratitude

Gratitude brings us the mental peace we have always been looking for. Try to adopt an attitude of gratitude and find the good in every situation. Be thankful that you are not the same crazy, judgemental person as they are. Sometimes it seems difficult but try to find something to be thankful for in every situation. If you choose to see correctly even the nasty comments can turn into a life lesson and your personality will be improved.

Keep this thing in mind that its the inner darkness of judgemental people that forces them to tear down other people as well. They take pride in criticizing and feel good about themselves by lowering down others. So try to stay away from them and don’t take their actions to your heart.