Nothing harms friendship more than jealousy. It acts as a poison that slowly kills a person from inside out. This problem can neither be discussed nor be ignored. This jealousy factor becomes extremely troublesome when your closest friend starts behaving like this. Do you have such jealous friends?

What are the signs of a Jealous Friend?

Well there are 2 types of Jealous Friends. Lets call them Type-A & Type-B.

Jealous friends (Type-A)

The first type of Jealous friends (Type-A) includes those who are emotionally weak, and are unable to hide their feelings. You will be able to identify them easily, just by their face expressions or negative remarks. Let me list down some characteristics of Type-A Jealous friends :

1. They openly display how uncomfortable they are with your success.
2. They confront your success, by calling it “Pure Luck”.
3. They might blame you for not keeping them in loop, and not including them in your project/business.
4. They will try to distance themselves from you.

Solution : To make these friends feel better, you need to let them know about all the disadvantages linked with your success. This way, they will somehow consider themselves better in some way than you.

Jealous friends (Type-B)

The second type of Jealous friends (Type-B) includes those who are emotionally smart. Its rather difficult to identify them, as they have strong control on their expressions & reactions. Let me list down some characteristics of Type-B Jealous friends :

1. They will change the topic, if its about your success, and will never acknowledge it.
2. They will not degrade you directly, but will talk behind your back with others. So that even other friends may not appreciate you.
3. They will make sure that you could not feel confident about your talent, skills or abilities.
4. They will stay in loop, about your progress. They will stay informed about what you are up to.

Solution : Its not about making this type feel better, instead you need to get out of their satellite’s range. Avoid talking about what you did, and how you did it. Keep your weaknesses secret! Unlike type-A, this type-B is smart enough to calculate the real worth of your success, so they will not get comfortable with few hardship stories of your. Only a serious damage to you, will calm them down.

How do you act around someone who is jealous of you? Let me tell you what worked for me.

I have experienced this situation with my childhood friend who was also my roommate few years back. One day, I entered the room excitedly to tell her about my big promotion and all i got was “Congratulations! its nice” with a forced smile. This was not the only event. My best friend was acting weird during all my happy occasions and it was killing me from inside. But i solved my problem by some simple methods . I hope these 7 tips will be helpful for you guys too, in dealing with your jealous friends.

How do you deal with someone who is jealous of you?

How To Deal With Jealous Friends?

1. Try to Understand

Dont get hyper or angry on such situation. Firstly, try to understand the state of mind of your friend. Is he insecure about your looks, achievements etc or is he feeling lonely due to your new friends. Try to feel his emotions and solve the problem peacefully. Dont consider him a worst and jealous friend and dont ignore him at all instead be kind to him.

How To Deal With Jealous Friends?

2. Stop Avoiding

Even if your friend’s behavior is getting very difficult for you to handle, still dont avoid him. Trust me your avoidance will only make the situation worse. If you start ignoring his calls, or ignore him in front of your new friends, then your friend’s condition will become more worse.

How To Deal With Jealous Friends?

3. Don’t Change Yourself

Sometimes we become so excited about our achievements that our people close to us start feeling low. So avoid this habit if you want to have good terms with your friend. When you get some promotion then after breaking the big news ask him about his job too. On the other hand, you should not conceal your happiness in front of him it will also disturb him as well. So just be yourself and take it casual.

How To Deal With Jealous Friends?

4. Confronting Jealous Friends

Well! this is a very tricky method but sometimes the only option left. Confront him in a kind way. Tell him that his recent behavior is disturbing you and you are watching everything like his gossiping and frowning behind your back.If he is smart enough, he will get your point and discuss his problems with you.

How To Deal With Jealous Friends?

5. Treat with Compassion and Love

Respond to your friend’s jealousy with love and compassion. On your success, spare a day to celebrate with him and take him to his favorite hangout places. Make him feel equal in your success and don’t make him feel inferior at all. Only love and care can remove this jealousy factor.

How To Deal With Jealous Friends?

6. Help Your Friend

The friend you are considering jealous might going through some very serious troubles in his life. Try to help him and compliment him on his achievements as well. He will be resistant in most cases but you have to be consistent and calm. Just give him some positive reinforcement now and then.

How To Deal With Jealous Friends?

7. Distant Yourself

If after all your efforts, nothing is changing then the only option left is to distance yourself from negativity. Ask him gently and confront him but if his behaviour is consistant then its time to move on. Take a temporary break from your jealous friend and if problem persists then you can avoid him permanently as well. Because at the end the only thing that matters is your inner piece.

I know how difficult is to handle jealous friends who were your best buddies. But jealousy is a natural emotion and no one can control it. So you have to deal it with a calm mind. Just don’t rush to conclusions and treat him with care and respect. After all, friendship is worth all the trouble. I hope this article helped you out, in fixing the situation with your jealous friends.