We all have to live with people in a roommate situation sometime in our lives. Some roommates become our perfect friends for the rest of our lives but sometimes we get caged in a room with an annoying person who make your life hell. Roommate horror stories will always haunt me. Back in the college days, i was blessed with the most irritating person on earth as a roommate. He forcefully make us call him Spidey and we have to do that to get rid of him for sometime. He was really a narcissistic idiot who robed away all my food, my things in toilet, my clothes gradually. The room started looking like a zoo because there was dirty clothes and dishes everywhere. The most bothering thing was his cat Jessy that he brought to my room without permission. Though i hate cats but guess whose bed the cat liked most? Mine.

Just think about such a person who had announced that he will marry Angelina Julie because she came into his dream one night. Yes! i was living with that person! After 2 years of such painful experience, i was like ”Yeah! if i can suffer that Spidey, i can live with anybody”. Now to save you guys from such pain i want to give you some tips on how to deal with such annoying roommate:

They always Delay the Rent

You talk about the rent and they start ignoring you like they cant understand your language. They will never accept that the rent is due because of them. You will be lucky one if they manage to pay the rent after all.

WHAT TO DO? You may feel annoying to yourself but start reminding them about the rent several days before the due date. Warn them about the rent policies beforehand to avoid paying it late or to pay it all by yourself.

They use your Stuff Horribly

One day i walked into my room and i saw my roommate brushing his teeth with my tooth brush. That scene never disappear from my mind. Such annoying roommates don’t feel ashamed of robbing you from all of your things. They damage your items in such a way that throwing them away is the only option left.

WHAT TO DO? Make it clear to them that your stuff is only yours first in a friendly and then in a strict way. Tell them that they can use your stuff only after getting your clear permission . Like they cant put the rat poison in your pasta bowl.

Messy Room, Messy Life

Your room will be stuffed up with things up to the roof like dirty clothes, dishes piled up, dirt everywhere etc. All the chores that are his duty to do will be there as usual. On confronting them they will simply delay these chores again.

WHAT TO DO? Maybe your roommate is going through very busy work schedule or some other problem. So, you must bring this cleanliness issue in a very friendly manner at first. Ask him to clean his side of the room often and don’t make living area impossible to live. However if the problem persists, then just put all his dirty clothes in a trash bag and spread the cleanser everywhere.

Food Robbers

Just imagine you opened the refrigerator dreaming about the last piece of your birthday cake from yesterday night and Yes! that’s gone. Your sweet roomie had eaten away your dream cake and its not the first time your dreams have been crushed.

WHAT TO DO? At first, be a gentleman and make it clear to them that your food is yours and their food is theirs. No one has the right to snatch other’s food without permission. But if your annoying roommate keeps on doing it, then hand over the bill of your food to them. He might not pay it but it will be in his memory as a reminder.

Super Smokers

It happens a lot that you have an important exam tomorrow and your roommate is having cigarette party with his friends in the room. Anyone’s life will become hell in this situation.

WHAT TO DO? Again if you have a super smoker annoying roommate, you have to talk kindly first. Tell them that you are worried about their health and this habit is not good for any of you. If they keep on doing it, then request them to stop doing such unhealthy acts in the room.

Irritating Habits

Sometimes your annoying roommate will start doing some troubling things like taking long showers when you are getting late, turning on the heater on full blast when there is not so cold outside and criticizing others when he is doing the same.

WHAT TO DO? Just talk to your roommate about fixing the time of using the bathroom before working hours. To solve the heat problem, just open the window quietly and it will simply give the gesture. If his complaining habit is annoying you then simply start ignoring him and he will understand slowly.

Friends Piling up in Room

This selfish human type roommate will never leave any chance to make your life miserable. He will constantly bring his friends in the room and they will be partying all night. It might be fun at first but then it will become their habit and you will be living with dozens of roommates instead of one.

WHAT TO DO? Simple explain your problem to your roomie that it is getting irritating and uncomfortable for you to handle so many people. If the problem persists, then you can ask his friends to vacate the room kindly.

Borrow your Personal Items

He will keep on borrowing your personal things like clothes, shoes or even money sometimes without asking too. The real problem emerges when your item is returned in a damaged condition or not returned at all.

WHAT TO DO? If this scenario is happening to you, talk out your problem with your annoying roommate in a peaceful manner. If nothing improves then you must know that your things belong to you and it is your will to grant the permission or not. So you can simply refuse to give them your items in the future.

In short , i know that it is not an easy task to tolerate such irritating and annoying roommates. Bursting into anger will only make the situation worst. Every person has its own nature and you have to deal with it in an intelligent manner. Sharing your living place has its own benefits as well as it teaches how to compromise and sought out your issues with other people. Though it can be frustrating but i hope the above tips will definitely help you out.