You know the feeling you sometimes have that your friends are more joyous and have more friends than you?? You thhink that you are a kind of loser who is not good at anything either its partying or serious job. Well yeah! it happens to many of us and you are not alone. Every one likes to hang out with fun loving and cheerful people because they have better sense of humour than normal people.
We all know that some people are naturally popular and liked by all but others never seek such attention no matter how much they try. Well! its all because of their wonderful habits that make them the life of every gathering and if someone wants to become popular, he should adopt those habits. It is not a one time thing. You have to become perfect by practice. Following are some important methods that will deinitely help you out:

Listen Attentively

You can never be the soul of the gathering if you are sitting there absent minded. Listen to what other people are saying attentively and involve in the conversation. If you will apy close attention, you will find more chances to respond with clever, humourous comments and you can become the fun cracker. But the tone of conversation must be understood first.

Maintain Your Appearance

Your appearance makes you confident more than you think.I am not saying that you have to buy expensive clothes, shoes etc to be popular at school. Your aim should be to look presentable at all times.Take care of your personal hygiene, clothes, shoes etc.Try to develop your own sense of style that will make you popular within days. Dress according to the situation and the place where you are going.

Expand Your Social Circle

Popular people dont stick to their usual friend circle at school. They meet everyone cheerfully. So if you want to be the favourite one, just expand your friend circle. Say Hello to every one you meet happily. Talk to them casually and stay in touch. Hang out with new people too instead of always staying in the comfort zone of your few friends.

Help Others

Helping others to accomplish their goals is an excellent way to become the most popular demand. Always encourage others and support them in their dreams. Congratulate them on their success and share their happiness fully.At school, help y someone with a project, do group assignments with new people each time. This will help you to develop a positive reputation.

Say Yes to Adventures

Whenever you get an opportunity to try something new, always say ”Yes”. When you expose yourself to new experiences, you will develop confidence and your circle will be expanded. Forget about all the doubts and grab the chance. In this way you will meet new people, make new friends and learn something new. Like try the new restaurant, learn a new instrument, go for a long tour etc.

Keep Your Enemies Closer

If there are some people who dont like you, be nice to them. Try to win their hearts by your friendly behaviour. But avoid toxic and negative people. If you want to become a popular person then you should know how to address and cope with the people who dislike you.If you cant bear them then you can avoid them.

Be Active on Social Sites as Well

You cant deny the fact that it is an era of technology. People are always busy and mostly dont have time to meet friends. They use social sites to communicate with others so you should be active on media too. Use famous sites like facebook,twitter,whatsapp etc regularly but don’t overuse them so you become antisocial in the real world.

Be Friendly and Cheerful

Popular people have a habit of being friendly with everyone they meet like teachers, friends, workers etc. So if you want to earn fame then talk friendly with every person you meet. Being friendly does not demand your much effort. Just start with casual talk . Avoid discussing controversial topics instead stay on normal things. Keep the discussion light and in a happy tone.

Don’t Try Too Hard

Everyone hates those people who fake their personality. So dont put too much effort on becoming popular as it will be reflected in your actions and people will start disliking you. Start hanging out with your own kind of people and keep it slow. Dont put too much pressure on yourself. If you will look desperate no one will come near you.

To become popular and famous is not so difficult, you just have to keep it simple and practice more and more. Dont try to copy some fun guy, instead be who you are and try to improve yourself. The more you love yourself, the more you will be loved by others. So enjoy your life and the company around you.