To get a job in this competing era, what matters more than your degree is your job interview. You have to literally sell yourself in a few seconds. Preparation for an interview takes a lot more than practicing some common interview questions. You have to make amazing first impression better than all other thousands of candidates and prove yourself perfect for the job. Mere your qualification will never let you have the job if your interview was a failure.According to Rob Yeung, job interview is about three Ps,“You need to prepare, you need to practice, and then, on the day, you need to perform.” So to help you prepare for this difficult and most important step, I would like to share some tips that will definitely help you out.

Make a Great First Impression

If you want to get hired, you have to make a great first impression. Usually the interviewer subconsciously decides in the first 30 seconds of your job interview that you are suitable for your job or not. So greet your interviewer with a smile and a firm handshake. Make eye contact and do not look here and there.

Arrive Before Time

You should show up in the office 10-15 earlier than your appointed time. Don’t arrive early as it will create an odd situation. Also avoid being late as it will destroy your first impression and your chances to get the job will be decreased. So timing should be adequate to show that you are punctual.

Dress Accordingly

  1. Plan the perfect outfit according to your job.
  2. Your dress should be neat ,clean and decent.
  3. Don’t forget the minor details like shining your shoes, cleaning your nails etc.
  4. Pamper yourself like get a haircut, shave, buy a new outfit etc.
  5. Your bag should be organized too. Throw away all the wrappers etc. and make it accessible.

Be Prepared

Thoroughly search about the company and its reputation. You should be well aware about the position you are interviewing for and its duties. Look at the company’s website and talk to other employees if you know some. You should have a clear perspective about the salary demands well.

Answer Properly

Carefully listen the question and answer it properly. Do not waffle instead your language should be clear. If you are confused about the answer then tell the interviewer that you need some time to answer his question instead of making a wrong impression by some silly reply.

Be Positive

Your positivity and confidence matters more than you think so try to be positive during the job interview. If you are questioned about your past experiences then don’t be defensive. Avoid lame excuses and emitting bad energy. Instead you should look very positive about getting the job.

Have a Conversation

You should be well prepared to start a conversation with the interviewer. A best interview is about give and take. You can discuss the company, it role, other related companies, latest trends in industry etc. The interviewer should know that you are well aware of the job demands. So along with answering , try to question him too.

Adequate Body Language

Your body language should be perfect and your bad habits can destroy your first impression. So try to look confident. So smile, make an eye contact, posture should be erect, listen attentively etc. Avoid bad forms of body language like playing with the pen, touching face, chewing gum etc.

Be Ready for the Unexpected

Most of the interviewers have prepared some killer questions to ask. So no matter how much basic questions you have prepared, you will stumble on that one. Try to be calm and composed on such questions. Gather your nerves and answer appropriately. Don’t look nervous no matter how little you know.

Don’t Look Desperate

Avoid looking desperate for the job. Instead maintain the three Cs : cool, calm and confident. Don’t use ‘’please, please hire me!’’ approach as it will give a very clingy impression. Just make them clear that you can do the job and are perfect for it and left.

Practice Some Common Questions

At every job interview, some questions are surely asked like, tell me about yourself? Or what is your weakness and strength? Etc. So practice the answers of such questions and be confident while answering them. Practice some mock interviews with your friends as well. At the end when you are asked if you have any questions, you should have few questions prepared.

Perfect Ending

You should end the interview with the same politeness no matter how was it. Before leaving, thank the interviewer and have a handshake with a smile. Leave the office in the same confident way and don’t look hopeless.

No doubt, job interviews are very difficult to handle. Most of us have phobias about the big silent office and the giant suited beast ready to question us. But trust me its not that difficult. All that matters is your confidence and your way of impressing the interviewer. Just leave a perfect impression and you will surely get the job.