We all have the same number of hours per day but what matters most is how we spent it. According to an old saying, ‘Work smart, not hard’’. Most of us keep on working and always remain busy but in the wrong direction. We all wish that there was more time in a day but mostly this thought occurs after the day is about to end.
Our life is nothing but a limited time offer and its our responsibility to spend it well. The difference between successful and lame people is that those people know how to manage time. Time management is the real key to success. Are you always late at work? Are you able to meet deadlines? Are you capable of making your dreams come true? Are you able to manage your time to family and work? If your answer is no then you definitely have to think about it. No matter how much you spend your time working , you will never be succeeded because you are forgetting the key to success that is time management.

Tips to Manage Time

Most of us think that staying busy means you are going to be successful but it’s completely a false concept. The real thing is how you finish your task with minimum effort in time. Following are some very easy ways to help you out in this matter.

How to Manage Your Time?

Organize Your Work

Plan your whole day before starting it.Make a list of all the tasks you have to accomplish in the next 24 hours and just stick to your plan. You have to organize your work according to their importance and due date. Prioritize your tasks according to their timje limit. In this way your whole day will be planned beforehand and not even a minute of your time will be wasted.

How to Manage Your Time?

Do Important Task First

Try to complete the most important task first. If you have done that crucial 2-3 things then you have done most of your part of that day. You will be relaxed and able to perform well. If you keep on wasting your energy on unnecessary tasks first then you are doing a disaster in case of time management.

How to Manage Your Time?

Learn to Say ‘NO’

Don’t think of yourself as a robot who can accomplish each and every thing. No matter how much you work you have to leave something. Learn to decline the opportunities that are completely out of your time limit. You only have to accomplish those tasks that are your responsibility. Don’t waste your leisure time and learn to say no.

How to Manage Your Time?

Target to be Early

If you try to complete your task on time, you will either be late or just on time.
But if you plan to do it early then you are managing your time perfectly. Why waste your time till end when you can do it earlier.

How to Manage Your Time?

Focus on One Thing at a Time:

Avoid multi tasking and do one thing at a time. Close of all the other things that are seeking your attention and just focus on one thing. If you solely do one thing you will be more efficient. Otherwise, your attention will be divided and no work will be done on time.

How to Manage Your Time?

Eliminate Time Wasters

In this social networking era, there are many things that constantly waste your time like facebook, twitter, emails etc. They keep you distracted from work because it is tempting to check them again and again. So delete them or remove them from your browsing list and try to avoid them as much as possible.

How to Manage Your Time?

Don’t forget to buffer

Like any machine you also have to charge yourself. So always leave some buffer time in between tasks. Give yourself some break before starting the new task. In this way your mind will be relaxed and you will work more effectively.

How to Manage Your Time?

Maintain Your Health

If you keep on working without taking care of yourself, your efficiency will decline suddenly making you complete useless. Efficiency at work depends on a healthy life style. So eat healthy diet and make sure that you sleep well . Also exercise daily as it will clear your mind and help you focus better.

How to Manage Your Time?

Track Your Time

Keep a track of your spent time. You can take the help of any software or mobile apps or simple place a alarm clock in front of you. Set the available time on the gadget and start working. In this way you will be aware that the clock is ticking and you have to meet the deadline at every cost.

How to Manage Your Time?

Enjoy Your Work:

Your main goal should be your enjoyment. So think about the ways that how you can make your work enjoyable. Arrange your tasks in such a way that you are happy while doing them.So always ask yourself what can I do to make it fun what im doing. If you start having fun in doing something then all pressure will be gone and you will feel light.

Life is beautiful so just make every moment count. Manage your time in such a way that all things will be done. Just be passionate and embrace your passions. Implement the above tips and you will fell wonders.