Sleeping at work has always been a nightmare for many people including me. I have been caught red handed while dosing in the office and literally have been fired once. So I can understand the severity of your problem very well. Sleeping during the office hours has become a very common problem of employees and it has affected their performance as well. It sounds very tempting to nap while your boss is away but it can cost you your job if you get caught. No matter how much you want to get rid of sleeping at work, it become very difficult to handle.

How to Avoid Sleep at Work?


Its very important to understand the cause of your problem first. It is the only way to fight this. Here are some common problems that result in sleeping at work:

  1. Not having enough sleep at night
  2. Over Stimulation due to Beverages
  3. Boredom
  4. Wrong Eating Habits
  5. Stress
  6. Dehydration


You can deal with this sleeping problem by following simple methods:

How to Avoid Sleep at Work?

Get Enough Sleep at Night

The most common reason of day time sleeping is inadequate night sleep. An adult should have 6-8 hours of sleep at night. If you will not get enough sleep at night then your sleep cycle will be disturbed and it results in day napping at work.

How to Avoid Sleep at Work?

Eat Healthy

Our diet also hasa great effect on our sleep cycle. So try to eat healthy food . Have a combination of healthy carbohydrated and high energy proteins for your meal. Avoid having high fat meal before sleeping.

How to Avoid Sleep at Work?

Exercise Regularly:

Make a routine to work out daily because exercise maintain the blood flow and brain activities. So spare some time each day to exercise or atleast take a walk.

How to Avoid Sleep at Work?

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Try to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Water refreshes the body and keeps you active. This is the easiest way of avoiding sleep at work, in office.

How to Avoid Sleep at Work?

Avoid Medication

There are many common medications that can disturb your sleep and cause insomnia. So consult your physician about their side effects. Try to avoid having sleeping tablets etc as well.

How to Avoid Sleep at Work?

Avoid Caffeine Consumption

Don’t consume too much coffee before bed time. Alcohol,tea,soft drinks etc should be restricted. These substances will remain in your blood till afternoon and keep you awake.


If the clock is ticking and you have to keep yourself alert and focused then try these quick tips:

How to Avoid Sleep at Work?

Splash Cold Water on Face

Expose yourself to cold atmosphere. Open the window, speed up the fan etc. Also splash cold water on your face to decrease your body temperature. When body temperature lowers down, your metabolic systems will be activated. So whenever you feel like sleeping at work, wash your face with cold water.

How to Avoid Sleep at Work?

Start Chewing

To get rid of your dosing quickly, start chewing something like gum,ice or even your pen etc. In this way your body will prepare for food intake by releasing insulin that will keep you awake.

How to Avoid Sleep at Work?

Chat with Your Fellows

Although bosses don’t like those employees who keep on chatting with their co workers but its better than sleeping at work in front of him. So whenever you start losing focus, leave your work for few minutes and have a little chat with your fellows. In this way you will feel alert.

How to Avoid Sleep at Work?

Stretch Out Your Muscles

To keep yourself alert, stretch your muscles. It will give you a quick boost of energy. If you cant go anywhere then try some desk stretches.

How to Avoid Sleep at Work?

Take Green Tea

Don’t consume caffeine but have a cup of green tea. Its nutritional benefits will keep you wide eyed.It will kill your afternoon sleep and also make you more healthy.

How to Avoid Sleep at Work?

Take a Break From Screen

Take a 5-10 minutes break from screen. It will relieve the eye-strain and keep you more focused. So keep an arm’s length distance from the computer screen

How to Avoid Sleep at Work?

Take a Walk

If it is possible then take a walk. Leave your work for few minutes and walk around. You can walk in the office or even outside. It will boost your systems and your performance will be improved.

How to Avoid Sleep at Work?

Listen to Some Music

Put on your headphone and listen to your favourite music for some while. It will give you enormous energy and boost your mood.

How to Avoid Sleep at Work?

A Catnap

Despite all the efforts, sometimes the sleep don’t go away. In that case , catnap is the best solution. Just close your eyes and have a catnap for 10-20 minutes. It will be best for you in such situation.

So if you want to keep your job by completing the projects on time, try the above methods to get rid of Sleeping at Work.