Water is the most important ingredient we require for living. 60% of our body is made up of water so you can guess its importance. Almost every function of our body ultimately depends on water supply. During dehydration, body systems slow down and starts shutting. Water keeps on escaping from the body via urine and sweat so there is a constant. The question most frequently asked is how much water should we drink each day. Well! the answer mostly accepted is 8 glasses a day which equals to 2 liters a day. Its known as 8 into 8 rule and very easy to keep in mind.

Benefits of Drinking Water

i. Water is essential to maintain the metabolic needs of body.
ii. Water helps the kidney to filter everything properly and flush out the body wastes effectively.
iii. It prevents the body from constipation.
iv. Weight loss is a great benefit of water.
v. Water provides a moist environment for ear,nose and throat.
vi. Water also maintain the brain activities and keep us alert.
vii. It keeps your skin clear and prevents acne.

How much Water is Perfect for a Day?

Specialists have finally concluded that it all depends on the individual person how much water he needs. Its not a final rule that you can drink maximum 8 glasses of water. Instead it depends on the body requirements of an individual. Normally :

• Men should drink 3 liters of water each day.
• Women should drink 2.2 liters of water per day.

But again , this is just a baseline. Try to keep yourself more hydrated than this but its should be your lowest limit. Water needs normally depend on personal factors like age, sex, build up, physical activities etc. So every person must adjust its hydration level according to his requirements. Still confused about How much water should we drink each day? Keep Reading.

Conditions which require More Water

You must keep noticing your body and drink more water when you are engaged in more energy draining activities. Common conditions that require more water are:

• Exercise
• Work in hot or dry weather
• Pregnancy
• Breast feeding
• Use of diuretics

How can i know if I’m Dehydrated?

Its very important for you to notice the body signs. Your body always give clues about whats happening inside. Its your duty to notice them and resolve the problem.
• Most important sign is that you will feel thirsty and urine will be dark colored and strong smelling.
• You will feel lethargic and light headed
• you will have dry mouth
• Older people mostly present with confusion
• Patients suffering from fever,vomiting,diarrhea are more likely to be dehydrated.

Methods to Keep yourself Hydrated

After reading some article or blog or listening to some lecture on the importance of water, we all become very enthusiastic to drink more water. But soon this energy fades and we move back to our old routine. I can tell this by my own personal experience that no matter how much i was worried i was never able to drank enough water unless i figured out some methods. These strategies proved to be very helpful and you must try them too:

How much Water should we Drink each day?

Follow 8 Glasses Rule

Its a very simple and efficient rule. Just make sure that you drink 8 glasses of water each day as a baseline. Its enough to meet the body requirements of a normal adult.You can increase your water level according to demands but 8 glasses must be necessary.

How much Water should we Drink each day?

Keep a Bottle

At office or while going outside, you cant sneak out again and again to drink water from coolers. So make sure that you have a water bottle along with you. In this way you will keep on sipping it even while working.

How much Water should we Drink each day?

Taste Problem

Some people don’t drink more water because they don’t like the taste of it specially tap water. So if taste is the issue you can solve it by adding some lemon in it or add some non sugar flavors. You can start using mineral water if you are OK with that.

How much Water should we Drink each day?

Consume Water Rich Foods

Make water rich fruits and vegetables an essential part of your diet. Mostly spinach, water melon, fish etc are rich in water. So just start eating your water as well.

How much Water should we Drink each day?

Avoid Caffeinated Drinks

Most of us think that coffee, tea etc also keep us hydrated. Its a wrong thinking because caffeinated drinks have a diuretic effect and they make our body excrete more water.So avoid drinking too much beverages.

How much Water should we Drink each day?

Follow a Routine

Its very important to make a strict routine of drinking more water and stick to it. So develop this habit as soon as possible and try to enjoy it. You can mark the calendar or take the help of some apps.

Can i get Over-Hydrated?

Yes you can! but its very uncommon. A person with healthy kidney can easily cope with excess water by making us urinate more. Its a fact that its very unlikely of us to drink such increased level of water so stop stressing yourself over it and keep on drinking as much as you can.

Over-hydration occurs when body starts storing water and its dangerous friend is low levels of sodium. Our body presents with swollen ankles . It is mostly due to some pathology that our water level increases so much and you should consult a physician to start your diuretics.

Trust your Thirst

Just stop stressing on the water issue and trust your thirst. Its a gift of nature for us to keep ourselves healthy. So when you feel thirsty, drink. When there is no thirst, stop. When physical activities increase, compensate them. That’s it! there is no need to keep on stressing about it.

Hopefully you got an answer to this commonly asked Question: How much water should we drink each day? Water is definitely the most important ingredient of a human being. Its level is not difficult to adjust. Your body always acts as your best friend. So try to follow its signs and make the problem go away.