Nothing widens our thinking horizon more than reading books. A good book takes you to a whole new world away from current problems and worries. Public libraries are the source of immense knowledge. These are open treasure boxes form which you can bless yourself according to your will. From all the hobbies, reading is the one which is not only enjoyable but useful as well. Book nerds always have advantage over regular people beacuse their general knowledge is expanded. If you have also started using social sites and never read a book, you are missing a huge list of benefits. Some of those useful aspects are as follows:


Knowledge and intelligence are the things no one can take from you. Even if you are jobless, poor,weak but if your knowledge is vast, you are superior of all. Anything you read will come in handy sometime but you never know when. So try to absorb every bit of information even if it seems useless at that time. The more knowledge you will have, the better equipped you will be to deal with the problems in everyday life.

Stress Reduction

Reading is the best stress reliever. It takes you to a whole new world and you forget about your troubles. You indulge in the novels and all your worries seem to vanish. When you lose yourself in a great story, all the tensions drain away and you will feel relax.

Memory Improvement

If you want to do the exercise of mind, start reading a book.When you learn a new thing, new synapses are created that strengthens the brain’s ability to store things. How cool is that your brain can store huge amount of information from countless books with ease.

Vocabulary Improvement

The more words you read, the more your vocabolary will be expanded. If you have a vast vocabolary, you will be able to speak confidently on anything. Reading books will increase your exposure to new words and you will become more articulate.

Increases Empathy

People who read literary ficton find it more easier to relate to the emotions of others.By the virtue of reading, the person becomes capable of feeling the emotions of others. He becomes sot hearted and more connected with people.

Improves Concentration

The more books you read, the more your brain has to work and become strong.Books and novels tell you the whole story in contrast to emails, magazines etc. While reading a book, your whole energy will be focused on reading and your concentrating ability will be enhanced.

Better Writing Skills

Reading enhances your ability to write on different topics. When you come across the writing styles of many writers, automatically your skill to write will be improved. It is because you understand better how to convey any idea in appropriate words.


Reading books increase the limit of your imagination to much great extent than watching movies. When you read a story, your mind began to imagine the story and you start feeling it. In the world of imagination, there is no limit. The more you imagine, the more you create. So reading has a great impact in improving this ability.


A good book is both useful and entertaining. The most important benefit of reading is the fun part. Its the best enjoyment in your spare time. It is much enchanting than watching a TV show because it develops the life skills alongwith all the fun.

Mental Simulation

Reading keeps your brain active and engaged. The more brain works, the more efficient it becomes. Its easier to fight with Alzheimers diseases and Dementia if you are mentally stimulated.Reading enhances the intelligence of a person by cognitive thinking process and thus difficult games become a piece of cake.

Source of Motivation

Books based on inspirational stories or great personaloities keep you motivated and inspired.Reading is a great source of motivation. If you want to achieve something, read about it. In this way you will start imagining it and become closer to reality. So accomplishment of life goals become much easier if you have this habit.

Saves Money

It is a very inexpensive and useful hobby. Use can entertain yourself almost free of cost. Also if you read informative books before initiating any new business, then books will prevent you from wasting your money. Reading saves your expenses on fun and gathering information from other means.

Improves Health

Reading helps a lot in making you healthier. Research has proved that people who read sleep more peacefully at night. They are more alert and active.It also improves your mental abilities. The more you read, the happier you become. This happiness directly affects your health in a positive way.

Thus there is no other useful and enjoyable habit like reading.No matter what taste you have for reading, there will be some stuff that will be according to your demand. So develop this habit and start reading. Try to gain as much information as you can because it has countless benefits. Also its so much fun and much better than movies except ”The Book Thief” off course which itself is based on a book.