In today’s connected world, people are always busy. If they are not physiaclly present then they will be found busy on texting, e-mailing and calling. In this social world, we find it obligatory to be with people all the time even if on phone. We have become so addicted to this routine that we have forgotten to take care of ourselves. Have you ever thought of leaving all this hustle and enjoying some alone time? Have you ever tried to do your own thing in your own way alone? If no! then you must give it a thought because it will create drastic changes in your life. Following are some important benefits which show that why mind always seeks alone time.

Better Focus

Our brain can never perform its best if it is given multiple tasks. In this social world, it has become very difficult to put your all focus on one thing. Thats why alone time is very important. If want to do something with full focus, have some quiet time and your focus will be enhanced.


Its very important to free yourself of the continuous busy cycle of office and home responsibilities. If we take some time out only for ourselves, it will create a very positive impact on us. Alone time gives us more positive energy because we are far from negativity for some time. Although it sounds difficult but it will be worth your time.

Creativity will be Enhanced

Although group work has a very positive and stimulating effect on our performance but when it comes to creativity, individual approach is best. All creative people have this quality in commom that they mostly like to spend their time alone. In group discussions, it is difficult to come up with new ideas mostly due to the factor of judgement. But when we try to think alone, we always come up with better ideas and solutions.

Boosted Memory

It is a proven fact that spending some alone time actually boosts your memory. Research has proved that we better remember the facts we have learned and associations we have made in our solitary time. If we are working in a busy place, our attention will be diverted and it will be difficult for the mind to remember all the details.

You can Discover Yourself

Mostly we do what others tell us to do despite our own interests and abilities. We get so confused by the ideas of other people that we chose the decision of majority. By spending some time alone, you have time and chance to think about yourself. Discover your interest and make your own decisions without the influence of others.

Solitude Improves your Relationship

No doubt, communication is a key to any relationship. Its very important to stay connected and informed. But your personal peace is important too and its not selfish to ask for it. Whenever you feel frustrated, just take some time off and recover your peace. In this way you will be able to understand what you actually want. Also you will appreciate your relations more after spending some time alone

Freedom from the Demands of People

When we are connected with people, they start expecting from us to be always there. We become part of their short term demands and it is very difficult to free yourself. When you cut off all your connections for a while and just spend time with yourself, you become free. You are not forced to fulfill their demands anymore and you can concentrate on yourself.

Fights Depression

Depression is a very common problem these days specially among teens. The best way to fight depression is solitude. Take some time off from all the hustle and bustle. Just focus on yourself and your happiness. Research has also proved that those teens who spend some time alone are more resistant to depression.

Solitude Clears your Mind

Like our body, our mind needs to relax too. Brain needs to recharge in order to function perfectly. So if we go to a place free of all the distractions then brain gets a chance to rest and replenish itself. Even if you are not an introvert, alone time is still necessary for processing and accurate reflection. Also when you go back after mental rest, your work efficiency will be much better than before.


  • Disconnect from your social fantacy based world
  • Close your door and be in your room for sometime
  • Get up early before everyone else and enjoy that time
  • Take some time off and plan solitude each day
  • Enjoy nature by visiting some beautiful far place. There is nothing more soothing than nature
  • Try new hobbies and enjoy your while

Alone time is very important for your mind,body and soul. The time you spend with yourself benefits you in so many ways. It gives you space to recharge your inner peace and expel all of our negativity. So we must spare some time and spend it alone in a peaceful environment.