‘’Life begins at the end of your comfort zone’’

Do you often feel that your life is stuck? Do you feel that you are caught in some sort of loop? Do you also have the same routine like waking up, going to office, lunch, back home and sleep? If yes! Then you are not living in fact you are wasting your days of this precious life. We all have become habitual of living in a certain zone in which everything is going on in a steady speed. So we never feel extreme joy nor extreme sadness because nothing changes. It is your comfort zone that keeps you stuck from progressing.

How to Get Out of your Comfort Zone?

What is Comfort Zone?

Comfort zone is actually an imaginary space where all our actions fit a certain routine that minimizes stress and risk. It makes you feel secure and protected. You will have regular level of happiness, low anxiety and less stress. To achieve something better and to maximize your performance you need to step out of your comfort zone and move to the level of ‘’optimal anxiety’’. The stress level in the optimal anxiety zone is perfect to keep you productive and sharp.

Why is it so hard to Leave Comfort Zone?

There is a science behind the phenomenon of comfort zone. It’s a natural state that we all gravitate towards. When we leave our usual zone, we become prone to anxiety and risks. It can give either positive and negative results .Although the end result will always be good but we mostly judge the current response. Comfort zone is all about fear. We find it hard to leave because we are afraid of failure and rejection.

Benefits of Breaking out of the Comfort Zone

We have been constantly told that we need to leave the comfort zone and try new things. We agree to that but what are the benefits behind this drastic change. Following are some rewards for breaking out of your comfort zone:

How to Get Out of your Comfort Zone?

Your Productivity will be Increased

If you become habitual of being comfortable all the time, you will lose your ambition and drive to try new things. So step out of your safe zone and move out of your work trap in which you stay busy and still get nothing. If you push your boundaries you will be more productive and your level of excellence will be increased.

How to Get Out of your Comfort Zone?

It will Become Easier in the Future

The more you become accustomed of trying the new things, the more it will get easier in future. You will start pushing yourself for more experiences each day. By continuous practice, it will be easier for you to manage the new changes in life. In fact, you will be happier to try new things and include them in your life.

How to Get Out of your Comfort Zone?

You will be More Creative

Trying new things can actually help us in finding our real talent. When we find the thing we are best at, we will automatically become more creative. It helps us in learning new skills and enhances our knowledge.

Methods to Get out of the Comfort Zone

I know its easier said than done but its not impossible. If you feel overwhelmed and trapped by your boring routine, you can easily break out of it. Just follow some methods below:

How to Get Out of your Comfort Zone?

Take the First Step

We all know that the most difficult and important thing to do is to take the first step. But once you took the step and flow with the momentum, everything gets easier. So take that first step now.

How to Get Out of your Comfort Zone?

Avoid the Safe Choice

Whenever you have to choose something, go for the unusual one either it is about food or some dress. Choose the thing that is uncomfortable and risky. It will give you a new experience and remove your fear.

How to Get Out of your Comfort Zone?

Say ‘’Yes’’ More

Make it a habit to say yes more often either you are ready or not. If you are offered something like new project or chance to meet new people, go for it. It might change your life forever.

How to Get Out of your Comfort Zone?

Face Your Fears

Try to conquer your fears by facing them. Make your mindset like if it scares me then I definitely have to do this. If you will be able to remove your fears then there is nothing you cant achieve.

How to Get Out of your Comfort Zone?

Take the Help of Others

If you are not good at planning something unusual and fun then leave it to your dear ones. For example, let your partner make all the planes and just go. Try to do friendship with more chilling people.

How to Get Out of your Comfort Zone?

Make Snap Decisions:

Don’t waste too much time on taking a decision. If it feels right at the moment just go for it. Even if its about little things like place of picnic or food restaurant. If you are still unable to say yes or no just flip a coin and go with the answer.

How to Get Out of your Comfort Zone?

Challenge Yourself

Create a few challenges to help you push out of your comfort zone.For example:

  1. If you see your crush, go and talk.
  2. When you go to buy a cup of coffee, ask for 10% discount.
  3. Make eye contact with a stranger and smile.
  4. When someone asks you how are you, respond that you are fantastic instead of boring good.
How to Get Out of your Comfort Zone?


Make it a habit to volunteer for unknown things. Put your focus on the uncomfortable and new things. You will both get an experience and good energy.

So try the above methods of stepping out of your comfort zone. But its very important to enjoy the process. If you feel burden, then you are not doing it right. Explore more about yourself and enjoy the unknown.