Anger is a normal human emotion and everyone has to go through it almost every day. But excess of everything is bad so exaggerated anger can result in serious consequences. If you are unable to control your temper you might damage not only yourself but also your relations. The choices we make in an angry mood always haunt us later.If you cant handle your anger than you have serious anger management issues and its your responsibility to deal with it.

This emotion has great influence on your mind. You must not let anger control you instead you must control it. The main reason behind most of the mistakes human beings commit is uncontrolled anger. It is said that never make a decision when you are angry because in that duration a person is not in his senses. Although its challenging to tame your inner raging bull but its not that difficult.


  • Explosive
  • Self abusing
  • Avoidance
  • Sarcasm
  • Passive aggressive
  • Habitual irritation


You can adopt the following methods to control your anger:

Notice the Anger Signs

When you are about to lose temper, your body shows certain signs. Your heart beat becomes faster and breathing becomes heavy. There are also other signs like clenching the fist or tension in the shoulders. If you notice such signs then immediately get out of the situation if you have anger problem.


If you exercise daily then its a great way to cope with irritation and anxiety. Running, swimming, walking, yooga and meditation are best to fight anger. Work out 2 to 3 times a day and your anger will melt away. If you feel that your anger is piling up, go for a brisk walk and do some other physical activities.

Think Before You Speak:

During excessive anger, a person normally loses his ability of judgement. So think before you speak or make a desicion while being angry. Take a few moments to analyze your thoughts before saying anything. If you keep on speaking then you will definitely regret it later so be careful.

Count to 10

When you start to lose your temper, start counting to 10. It will give you time to think and you will be safe from making wrong desicions. You will cool down and the strong desire to burst with anger vanishes.

Sound Sleep

Sleep is a very important part of life. It keeps you physically, mentally and emotionally fit.When we sleep, the mind relaxes and repair the damaged neural pathways. If a person is deprived of sleep, he is often found angry and frustrated over minor things.

Don’t Hold Grudges

You cant control the behavior of others so don’t take it personally. Try to be realistic and accept that everybody is different. Don’t pile up negative feelings in your mind because these will only make your life miserable. Being resentful will finish your mental peace.

Breathing Exercises

If you want to reverse the physical symptoms of anger then try some breathing exercises.These will help you to relax and your heart rate will return to normal level.Isolate yourself for 15 minutes and just focus on your calm breathing. There are also some meditating tips and yoga to keep yourself relaxed in angered mood.

Focus on Solutions

Instead of focusing on problems, try to identify possible solutions for it. If you keep on thinking about the issue that has made you lose your temper than you will be disturbed more. Remember yourself that stressing over the problem will only make it worse.

Join a Support Group

If you are having chronic attacks of anger then it is a great solution to join a support group. It will make you feel that you are not alone in this situation.You can search for different anger management plans online. In such classes, you are given a chance to share your feelings and the difficulties you are facing in controlling anger

Express Yourself Later

Don’t keep your anger only to yourself. Once you have cooled down, you should express your feelings in a polite way. You can convey your feelings without being assertive. This method will save many wrong decisions and impulsive acts.

Don’t let anger weaken your relationships. Its just an emotion and you can easily defeat it by adopting the above methods. Be determined and passionate to resolve your anger issues. You will feel both composed and relaxed after learning how to manage your tamper.