Has this ever happened to you? You get in a car for office and while driving you start thinking about a problem or an event. You keep on thinking about it imagining the possibilities. You even forgot that you were driving. By the end of your journey, all you remember is that problem and how worse you handled it. Mere a negative thought made you suffer from anxiety, sadness and self-doubt. This whole self destructing process is called overthinking.


Overthinking starts when you cant stop thinking about a particular thing no matter how much you want to forget that. Whenever we are going through some emotional disturbance or big decision in our lives, our mind got stuck on that. We keep on thinking about it all the time. Our problems trap us in a mental loop from which it is very difficult to get out.
We start analyzing the event, regretting our actions and worrying about the future. In the matter of decision making, we keep on thinking about the possibilities before and after taking decision. We keep on overthinking the results that create self doubt. Our mind never rests and we got stuck in a gloomy phase.


When we overthink a problem, it damages us both mentally and physically as well. There are following effects of over analyzing any situation:

  • You will never be happy
  • You only complicate the situation without thinking about the solutions
  • You will forget to live and enjoy your life
  • It stops you from doing your best
  • It changes your personality
  • You will start taking things to extreme level
  • You start imagining problems that are not even there
  • Your health will deteriorate
  • You will suffer from depression and anxiety
  • You will start losing your friends and family
  • You will become unaware of whats going in the present time and got stuck
  • It will make you doubt about yourself and everything you have done so far


The biggest drawback of overthinking is that you start doubting yourself and your abilities. Due to some bad experience, you keep on analyzing your actions and start regretting. This process makes you lose your self confidence. You start thinking low about yourself. You lose your worth and self esteem. Overthinking your decisions and choices will make you unable to take a firm decision. You will always doubt about what could go wrong or how you could do better. Life is all about experiences and silly mistakes. Just do mistakes, learn from them and be happy about it. Stop stressing yourself over minor things which wont even matter after sometime.


Overthinking is a mental phenomenon and its very difficult to control it. Once you drag yourself in that loop, its not easy to disengage. But by practice you can overcome this habbit. Following are some methods that will help you out:

Be Aware of Your Thoughts

Its very important to diagnose your problem and be aware of it in order to resolve it. Most of the time we got stuck in our thoughts so deeply that we become habitual of that. We don’t even realize that for how long we have been stressing ourselves over the same issue. So make yourself aware of your thinking process. Say to yourself that im doing that overthinking thing again and I have to stop that immediately.

Divert your attention:

When a thought become trapped in your head, it prevents you from being present at the moment. So the best way to come out of this trap is to get busy. Start doing something that occupies your mind like read a book, paint something, watch a movie , clean your house etc.


Exercise is absolutely the bset way to keep yourself engaged and focussed at the same time. It keeps you physically fit and mentally alert. When you feel depress, go ou and run, do some cardio or ride a bicycle.

Learn to Meditate

Meditation is a great way to tame your mind and thoughts. By continous practice, you will become master of your own thoughts. Start meditating between the stressful episodes and it will melt away all the negativity. Your mind will become so peaceful that there will be no room for overthinking.

Talk to a Friend

Sometimes mere talk with your friend or counsler breaks the overthinking circle. When you share your problem with your friends, they analyze it and make you believe that the problem is not that big. By expelling out all of your problems and worries makes you calm and relax. Also a word of politeness from your friend that everything will be fine makes you peaceful.

Interrupt the Pattern

Its very important to break the stress pattern. You can do some physical thing to remind yourself that your thoughts are going beyond limits. Wear a rubber band and snap it everytime ou overthink something. You can also wear some ring and switch it to the other hand each time. Also say ‘’Stop’’ along with the physical reminders. It will gradually prevent your mind from indulging in thoughts.

Face your Fears:

Just do the thing you fear most and you will be free of all worries. Mostly we keep on thinking about the things that we cant do out of fear. Just remind yourself that you are not a saint and its ok to do mistakes. Its ok to live your life your way and do stupid things. So face your fears and free yourself from that thinking cage.

I know that you feel like you are prisoner of your thoughts but its not true. Thoughts are difficult to control but you can tame them. Remember to drive your mind according to your wish and demand and never let the mind to be superior. Be easy on yourself and diligently accept your decisions. Reclaim your inner power and get yourself free emotionally and mentally.