If you have 8-9 hrs desk job then you are more likely to be obese, have diabetes, heart diseases etc. Few years back,all of my friends started calling my names due to my increasing weight. It was due to my new job in which I have to work 7-8 hours constantly sitting on the disk. It was very frustrating to imagine that you are getting obese even while working.
No matter what we say but it’s a reality that most of office workers are too much tired to workout after going home. Lack of physical activity and unhealthy diet can wreck havoc in your life. It is very easy to gain weight when you have to sit still on a chair for several hours.

Simple Step to Lose Weight

The workers who have desk jobs have high stress level and they are found angry more often. But there is nothing to worry about. You can easily control this excessive weight gain by some simple steps and precautions:

Weight Gain at a Desk Job

Have Healthy Snacks

While working we feel constant desire to eat something. To control this hunger is the real thing. Don’t starve yourself because in this way you will feel irritated and unable to focus on your work. So try to have healthy snacks throughout the day. Avoid bakery items and eat more fruits.

Weight Gain at a Desk Job

Get Up and Move

If you sit like an elephant all day then what do you expect from your belly? Yes! It will definitely jump out. So get up from your chair and start moving. If you cant spare time while working then take advantage of your lunch break. Go for a walk in the park nearby or exercise on a treadmill. In this way your body will be refreshed.

Weight Gain at a Desk Job

Pack Your Lunch

It’s a great method to fight weight gain at office. Pack a healthy lunch and bring it along with you at work. Most of us have developed a habit of eating from cafeteria or at restaurants. The food at such places has more calories than regular meal so avoid such items. Pack your own lunch with you and escape from those excessive calories.

Weight Gain at a Desk Job

Drink as Much Water as You Can

It is very important to keep yourself hydrated because water refreshes your whole body and keeps you in action. Often we confuse dehydration with hunger and eat more. So keep a bottle of water with you all the time and keep drinking it.

Weight Gain at a Desk Job

Use Stairs not Elevator

Try to use stairs instead of elevators. Climbing stairs is a very effective cardio exercise. It boost your metabolic systems and keep you energetic. So stop laziness and climb as much stairs as you can if you want to save yourself from that bullying I have faced.

Weight Gain at a Desk Job

Avoid Diet Drinks

This diet label on soda bottles is just to make you fool. Research has proved that these diet drinks are more likely to make you obese. So do not be a fool and avoid drinking these diet sodas. It is just a joke that this soda is free of calories. Forget these drinks from now on and drink water to remove your thirst.

Weight Gain at a Desk Job

Say no to Temptations

In the office you can encounter a lot of tempting eatables. Learn to say no to these temptations. You might walk into the office and someone’s birthday is being celebrated. Well! You have to control yourself and say no to that delicious cheese cake. Don’t buy from vending machines like doughnuts, baked chips etc.

Weight Gain at a Desk Job

Compensate with Exercise

Try to compensate your physical inactivity with workout. Go for a walk daily in the morning or join a gym. Buy some equipment for exercise and keep on doing it. If you want to loose your belly fat quickly then it’s a best way.

Weight Gain at a Desk Job

Make a Support Group

Weight gain is a very common complain of most of the desk job workers. So you will easily find your companions having the same problem. Make a support group and encourage them to make a team effort to fight this issue. Oder salad or healthy diet and now you don’t have to be ashamed.

Weight Gain at a Desk Job

Green Tea

Most of the office workers are coffee addicts. So if you want to avoid obesity then replace that mug of coffee or tea with a cup of green tea. It is calorie free and very healthy and nutritious. Green tea is known for having a role against cancer and it is the best defense against weight gain. It reduces belly fat very fast.

Weight Gain at a Desk Job

Get Some Air and Light:

Light is a very powerful weapon against obesity because it regulates your circadian rhythm. Air refreshes your mind and keeps you active. So if you work in a windowless cubicle it’s very difficult for you to get some light or air. Get 20-30 minutes of sunlight each day to enjoy its slimming effect.

No doubt, weight gain is a very frustrating thing specially for women. But you can easily fight this problem by implementing the above methods. Just make some changes in your daily routine and that’s it! You are ready to go!